Hedera Hash Rocks

First Rocks on Hedera Hashgraph

To be the first rocks on the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem is a special privilege. There have been some before us on other chains such as Ethereum. However, Hedera Hash Rocks will forever be the first rocks on Hedera. We are striving to build something better than just rock NFTs. We are building on concepts of those before us to create something even better. 

Our first release of NFTs consisted of only 100 original rocks. Now we have built on this original concept to create something even more special with Hash Rock Heads. Inspired by Easter Island rock statues, we think these Hash Rock Heads will make this NFT project highly unique. As the Hedera NFT spaces evolves and builds so will we. We will be here forever, minted on the future network that will change the world. 


Rock Drops & Timeline

December, 2021

Initial Drop of 100 Rocks


This is the initial drop of 100 OG rocks. This drop will have 5% royalties. 2.5% of royalties will go back to the 100 holders every 4 months. This is just a thank you to the holders of the first Hash Rocks. Rewards are not guaranteed however we will do our best to keep this on going until we can implement smart contracts. 

January, 2022

Development of
Hash Rock Heads


Inspired by the Easter Island heads on Moai Island, this art is a collection of our interpretation of the statues found that surround the Island. It is said that there are over 900 Moai statues on the Island. The art will be created and we will generate 1000 unique Rock Heads. 

February, 2022

Drop 1000 Hash
Rock Heads

In Progress

We will uncover 1000 Unique NFT statues. This will be a random mint and rarity will be unknown until it is discovered in your wallet. We want to mint as many statues as we can but unfortunately the max mint supply is 1000. Each rock head uncovered will be unique.  

June, 2022

Smart Contract Development

We will develop smart contracts to create further utility for both OG Rock Holders and Hash Rock Head holders. The smart contracts will be used to reward holders of Hedera Hash Rocks for their ongoing support and to give further utiliity to the Hedera Hash Rock NFTS. 


August, 2022

Vote on Future
Project Direction


Each rock holder who is  part of our amazing community will be given the opportunity to vote on the future direction that the project will take. Several options will be put forth to the community to vote on the next phase of this project. 


Hash Rock Head Drop 2 will is currently live now click here to mint on Zuse Market. Hash Head Rock Drop 1 was completed in February, the mint window was open for 5 hours. The original 100 rocks have already dropped in December 2021. 

There will be a total supply of 1000 Hash Rock Heads.

There will be 2 drops, an initial drop will be open for 5 hours to the public. A secondary drop will then be run until all Hash Rock Heads are sold out. Please see the whitepaper for more details.

For the first drop the mint price will be 400 HBAR. The second drop will be 450 HBAR.

Our hash rocks and hash rock heads can be staked. Hold the rocks in your wallet to earn $GRAVEL rewards. $GRAVEL can be used for purchases in the rock cave, raffles and other intiatives.